• Two centres as a combined sale
  • One Brand new and second 5 yrs old
  • New Centre Lic for 87
  • Existing Centre Lic for 80
  • Large modern centres – prime locations
  • Buyers must hold Provider number
  • New centre for sale at asset value with the other business
  • New long leases available both locations
  • $2,345,000 combined price two businesses
  • Primary school to open across the road from new Centre in the Northern suburbs of Perth

The two centres are either for sale together or the established centre is available for sale on its own at  $1,695,000.    The new centre ($650,000).  

The new centre is located in a brand new prime beachfront development in the Northern suburbs of Perth. The development is focused on young family housing and located next to an established suburb with higher than average family income.

The owner has advised he believes the centre will be the only childcare centre in the development.    This recently released Beach front development is next door to well established shopping precincts and residential homes.

Ideal opportunity for an existing operator to purchase two large centres and  reap the benefit of an increase in “goodwill”  from building and establishing the new location.

The business owner also owns the properties and will offer a Buyer new long term leases on terms to be agreed as part of contracts.

Act quickly to secure this opportunity for childcare for sale in Perth.

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 Click Here to view the report that was released by Bankwest in regard to the Childcare sector’s economic performance both now and in future projections. 

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