Combined  – 110 places

  • Under Management
  • Long Leases
  • Centres built to the highest standards
  • Onsite cook makes fresh and nutritious meals
  • Environments are purposefully designed
  • Fully resourced with new educational materials and equipment

The two childcare centre businesses are in close proximity to each other. On a favourable location close to coast in the suburbs popular with young families.

A rare opportunity to purchase two centres at a discounted price! Isn’t that a bargain?

Designed and built to the highest quality and standards, the larger centre of the two businesses opened in 2019 and has been resourced at a cost of $800k +

Strict confidentiality applies. Buyers must not disclose information to any party not signature to NDA.

Business for sale Adelaide.

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” Click Here to view the report that was released by Bankwest in regard to the Childcare sector economic performance both now and future projections. “

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