Industry research demonstrates that buying an established profitable business (small or large) will reduce business ownership failure by over 50% when compared to starting a new business. 

Why Buy an Existing Business?

When it comes to building a successful business, many entrepreneurs opt to purchase an existing business—and there are a variety of excellent reasons to do so.  Not only does it mean you can see how your new venture is performing prior to buying it, but you also eliminate many of the risks associated with start-up businesses. 

There are numerous advantages to buying an existing business, including:

  • Immediate Cash Flow from the Business
  • A Business with Experienced Employees
  • Seller Training comes with the Business
  • A Business with Established Business Operating Systems
  • Established Customer Base and Referral Business
  • A Business with Established Suppliers and Credit
  • The Business enables financing

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Buyers requiring assistance with childcare application processes will be assisted all along the way when they purchase with Advance Business Brokers.