Life goes on. So too commerce.

Most noticeable are the changes in the pace, nature, (in)consistency and modulation of both. Intensity seems to have increased across the board – for those who seek to prevail and succeed. Overall, sights have tended to be lowered, expectations reined in and relationships limited to those from whom trust, mutual respect, integrity, on-going accessibility and responsiveness are expected and somewhat assured.

Happiness, satisfaction and fulfilment appear to be less conspicuous. “Soldiering on” seems an apt description of prevailing sentiments. For others, the dark shadow of depression, stress and anxiety is all-consuming.

Few if any things have stopped. Progress may be tortured. Achievements generally take greater and more effort, time and resources.

Refreshingly, among those who recognise and accept the present reality philosophically, the sun still shines; it rises in the east and sets in the west. In that context, the essential benefits and labours of life are there to be enjoyed, deployed and, yes, even toyed.

Hope springs eternal. Tomorrow is another day. Application and maintaining intensity are fundamental undertakings when the essentials (of operations) are considered non-negotiable. Priorities, schedules and allocation of resources are, and should be, applied intensively.

Across the centuries, countless military leaders have embraced and implemented the philosophy:

I may lose a battle,
But I will never lose a minute.

Now is not the time to ease back. Recalibrating business models, operational standards and visions need to be introduced and sustained with enthusiasm, confidence and assertiveness.


Barry Urquhart
Managing Director
Marketing Focus
M:        041 983 5555