Living with and operating in an environment affected by coronavirus has emphasised the importance and positive nature of life-balance. Incidences of stress, depression, counselling by psychologists and psychiatrists, increased absenteeism and falling morale, have substantially broadened. Self-worth is, and should be valued above all other measures.

Working harder and longer is inextricably associated with pandemic-fatigue. There must be a better way.

Cost: benefit analyses, task prioritising, delegation, disciplined planning, celebrating achievements and taking the time to provide “space” for all are best categorised as imperatives, rather than as opportunities.

Determining opportunities, costs and ranking activities are complemented with the discipline of identifying and determining what needs to be stopped and possibly deleted. Taking the time to do so can, and will be rewarded with more available free-time.

Leadership should be recognised, respected and valued.


Barry Urquhart
Managing Director
Marketing Focus
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