• T/O  FY 19  $339,866
  • Excellent value for 53 place centre
  • Long Lease to 2031
  • Under management
  • Growing northern town 1 hour north of CBD
  • Purpose built centre
  • Graded Meeting all Sectors
  • Childcare for Sale Perth

The centre is the only childcare centre in town.

It offers a buyer the opportunity to own and operate their own centre which is for sale at an affordable price.   Ideal for a buyer with Childcare qualifications and experience that can be hands-on in the business.

The centre is fully staffed and has a Centre director who handles all day to day operations. The current owner lives in the southern suburbs of Perth over an hour away from the business.

Act quickly to secure this opportunity childcare for sale Perth.

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” Click Here to view the report that was released by Bankwest in regard to the Childcare sector economic performance both now and future projections. “

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